Area 10b: Not Just a Pretty Picture

3D Artist’s Impression of the Area 10b Re-development, from the HKR Submission to the TPB

All submissions for Area 10b have now been uploaded. While the number of submissions in support of the proposals outnumber those opposed, even a cursory glance reveals that supporters have submitted multiple similar entries under slightly different names. for example:

500  Mr. Barndon, wai-lun WANG
501  Mr. Brandon Wang
502  Mr. Brandon WANG
503  Mr. WANG, wai-lun

1137  Mr. Joey Yu
1138  Mr. Joe Yu
1142  Mr. Joey Yu
1143  Mr. Yu Cho Yan
1144  Mr. Yu Cho Yan Joe
1147  Mr. Yu Cho Yan Joey

Mr. Kenneth Kwong, from CM’s Works Department, deserves a prize for being the very first person to submit an entry, in support of the proposal. Is he related to the Mr. Kenneth who submitted #76 and the Mr. Kwong who submitted #77, we may wonder.

The proposal was scheduled to be heard on Friday, 13 May. However, a request was made for the hearing to be deferred to an unnamed later date, and the request was granted by the Town Planning Board. You may request to be informed of the rescheduled hearing date, when available, by writing to

Following is a complete set of the submissions:

Submission 1 to 57

Submission 58 to 657

Submission 658 to 1309

Submission 1310 to 1400

Submission 1401 to 1890

Submission 1891 to 1989

Submission 1990 to 2078

Submission 2079 to 2148