Round 3 Comments: HKR get out the vote… again

The Discovery Bay developer, Hong Kong Resort Company Limited (HKR), may ignore the public comments in their own submissions to the Town Planning Board (TPB). However, they certainly do not ignore them when it comes time to drum up support for their proposals.

Yet again, HKR have organised their staff and fellow travelers to bombard the TPB with the same standard phrases they have used since Round 1.

For both Area 6f and 10b, CM Manager GH Koo takes the prize for the first to comment in Round 3. The 525 supporting comments for Area 6f #4692 to #5217, which were submitted to the TPB in one batch, are listed separately so you can save bandwidth.

See #5218 of Area 6f for a comment spoken from the heart by a Parkvale resident. These simple words underline how callous HKR really are.

The Peninsula VOC’s submission is included at #4683 of Area 10b (the last entry in the file).

Area 6f

4492 to 4691

4692 to 5217 (You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all)

5218 to 5262

5263 to 5297

5298 to 5411

Area 10b

4479 to 4683

4684 to 5200 (You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all)

5201 to 5390

No second chances?

Think again!

You now have a FOURTH chance to comment on the Area 6f and 10b plans.

New submissions for both 6f and 10b were posted on the Town Planning Board website on 9 December. Deadline for public comments is 30 December, 2016.

The date of the Town Planning Board meeting to hear the two applications has now been pushed back to 17 February, 2017.

Gist of updated submission for Area 6f

Gist of updated submission for Area 10b

The full updated submissions will be posted here when available.