TPB defers decision on 6a and 10b for 2nd time

At the Town Planning Board Meeting on 26 August, the TPB once again agreed to defer a decision on the 6a and 10b applications submitted by Hong Kong Resort Company Limited (HKR).

Judging from the instructions at the time of the last deferment, HKR will likely have two months to submit a revised application, and another round of public consultation will be carried out in October/November.

One interesting bit of news from the meeting. Before proceeding to the next item, the members met in a private session that was not open to members of the public. No details of the discussion during the private session are available, but it may relate to the invalidated public submissions from the last round. The TPB struck off a number of submissions before the meetingĀ  because the identity of the author could not be verified.

Deferred Again

HKR has asked that consideration of its applications for rezoning of Area 6f and 10b be deferred once again. The Town Planning Board (TPB) will consider HKR’s request at its meeting on Friday, 26 August, starting at 2:30pm.

When the TPB granted HKR’s request for deferment last time, at the meeting on 13 May, 2016, the minutes of the meeting stated that:

“The Committee also agreed to advise the applicant that two months were allowed for preparation of the submission of the further information, and no further deferment would be granted unless under very special circumstances.”

Let’s see whether the TPB grants HKR’s request for a second deferment or not.