Sharpen Your Pencils! Round 5 Starts Friday

The Area 6f application was submitted to the Town Planning Board on Friday, 17 February, and was deferred yet again.

Area 10b was not on the agenda, as HKR has submitted new material that will be the subject of another round of public consultation starting Friday, 24 February. Once again, we will have three weeks to comment. Both Area 6f and 10b are scheduled to come back to the TPB for a decision on 28 April, 2017.

Area 6f was deferred at the request of Planning Department and over the strong objection of HKR, which wanted the application to be put to the TPB for approval. However, Planning Department argued that both 6f and 10b should be heard together, and the TPB agreed.

As a result, we have a very valuable set of background papers, providing an insight into the views of all government departments on the Area 6f proposal. Everyone who cares about the future development of Discovery Bay should read these documents carefully, and use the lessons learned to comment on Area 10b when the next round is announced.

The new Area 10b submission will be uploaded here next week, after the TPB launches the Round 5 public consultation on 24 February. Meanwhile, the Area 6f documents submitted to the TPB  for consideration at the 17 February meeting are available now:

Planning Dept Submission for Meeting on 17 Feb, 2017

Appendices, including HKR’s Response to Comments

Planning Dept Request for Deferral

Masterplan Objection to Deferral

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