Building Management Ordinance Consultation

The mandatory provisions in the Building Management Ordinance (BMO) are very important to Discovery Bay, due to the fact that  the DB Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC) was written before the enactment of the original Ordinance in 1993.

The mandatory provisions provide protection to DB owners that was not provided in the DMC, for example, the requirement that any expenditure from the reserve fund must be approved by a resolution of the Owners’ Committee. City Management cannot spend from the Reserve Fund without this approval. This provides a much-needed check to ensure that funds for major projects are spent wisely.

The Hong Kong Government is presently conducting a consultation on the next revision to the BMO. This is our opportunity to provide input on issues that are important to us. The deadline for submissions is 2 February, 2015.

Please visit dbConfidential for updates on the relevance of the BMO to Discovery Bay. To find out more on the consultation, and download a copy of the consultation document, go to:


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